• BundleInfo() if the given object is loaded by an OSGi bundle, this function is returning information about that bundle
  • CtCacheClear() flush the customtag path cache
  • CtCacheList() list elements in the customtag path cache
  • DbPoolClear() clears all existing datasource connection
  • ExtensionExists() Checks if a certain extension exists or not.
  • ExtensionList() Checks if a certain extension exists or not.
  • GetBuiltInFunction() return a build in function as an object, matching the given name, throws an exception when the function does not exist.
  • GetClassPath() returns an array containing the Java classpath of the current environment.
  • GetContextInfo() Returns information about the current context.
  • GetCPUUsage() returns the CPU usage for a defined time range (default: 1000ms).
  • GetFreeSpace() Returns the number of unallocated bytes in the partition named by this abstract path name.
  • GetFunctionCalledName() Returns the name of variable used to call the current function
  • GetFunctionData() returns information to a single function
  • GetFunctionKeywords() returns all keywords defined with all functions
  • GetFunctionList() Returns all the currently registered functions
  • GetLocalHostIP() Returns the localhost IP address, which is for IPv4 and ::1 for IPv6 addresses.
  • GetMemoryUsage() Returns detailed information to the memory usage of the container.
  • GetMetricData() Gets server performance metrics.
  • GetPageContext() Gets the current PageContext object that provides access to page attributes and configuration, request and response objects.
  • GetSystemFreeMemory() The amount of memory that is currently free, in bytes.
  • GetSystemTotalMemory() The amount of memory that is available to the operating system, in bytes.
  • GetTagData() Returns Information about a Tag as Struct
  • GetTagList() Returns a struct containing all the Tags supported by Lucee.
  • InspectTemplates() Flag all the cfml code (cfm, cfcs) in the cache of compiled code (aka the Page Pool) to be checked once for any changes.
  • PagePoolClear() Clear out all the cfml code (cfm, cfcs) in the cache of compiled code (aka the Page Pool)
  • PagePoolList() Lists all the cfml code (cfm, cfcs) in the cache of compiled code (aka the Page Pool)
  • SSLCertificateInstall() install certificates of a specific host
  • SSLCertificateList() list all Certificates availble on a specific host
  • SystemCacheClear() clears all caches or the specified cache



  • <cflock> Provides two types of locks to ensure the integrity of shared data: Exclusive lock and Read-only lock.
  • <cfobjectcache> Flushes an object cache or returns the current size.
  • <cfregistry> Reads, writes, and deletes keys and values in the system registry. The cfregistry tag is supported on all platforms, including Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX.