Controls various aspects of page processing, such as the output of HTML code in pages.

One benefit of this option is managing whitespace that can occur in output pages served by CFML.

This tag may have a body.

This tag is also supported within <cfscript>

<cfsetting enablecfoutputonly=any showdebugoutput=boolean requesttimeout=number ><!--- body --->[</cfsetting>]
Attribute Description
any, optional

Yes or No.

When set to Yes, cfsetting blocks output of HTML that resides outside cfoutput tags.

boolean, optional

Yes or No.

When set to No, showDebugOutput suppresses debugging information that would otherwise display at the end of the generated page.

Default is Yes.

number, optional

number of seconds. Time limit, after which CFML processes the page as an unresponsive thread.

Overrides the timeout set in the Lucee Administrator.


<cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="true">
<cfset a = "Save">
<cfset b = "Tree">
<cfset c = a & b >
Save Water <cfoutput>#c#</cfoutput>

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