Installing Lucee on Windows


There are a few different ways to get Lucee up and running on Windows


Here are some in depth guides to setting up an environment to run Lucee on a Windows, you probably won't need to delve into the following sections if you are using one of the above approaches as they automate most of this.

Check your ports

You will run into problems if some of the ports Lucee uses are already in use.

A default install of Lucee uses ports 8888, 8005 and 8009

You can easily check which ports are already in use

  • using Powershell Get-NetTCPConnection | ? {$_.State -eq "Listen"} | sort LocalPort -Descending
  • via Resource Monitor, Network Tab, Listening Ports (Windows-R, type resmon)
  • or thru Task Manager, Performance, open Resource Monitor.


  • A Windows machine with Full administrator privileges
  • Basic understanding of the Windows Registry, file system and user management
  • Basic familiarity with the command line

Automated Deployment

All of the tasks described in this guide can be integrated into a software management tool such Microsoft SCCM. Everything can be done on the command line, which is perfect for scripting and packaging.

    • - This guide is a work in progress. Please be patient, more to come ;-)

Author: Martin Schaible. Thanks to Julian Halliwell for the proof reading.