Configuring Regional Settings


Lucee by default, uses the JVM's default timezone, which comes from the operating system.

You can override this default via the Lucee Admin under, Settings, Regional

Lucee uses a cascading hierarchy for configuration

  • Application.cfc
  • Web Context (lucee-web.xml.cfm)
  • Server Context (lucee-server.xml)
  • JVM (which defaults to the operating system)
  • When no other default is found, Lucee defaults to GMT

The regional configuration in the .xml files are stored under the regional tag, these are the files which the Lucee Admin updates

<regional locale="en_US" timeserver="" timezone="" use-timeserver="true"/>

When deploying by Docker, the timezone defaults to Etc/UTC. To set the timezone of the container use a Docker environment variable with the name TZ and then a value with a timezone name, for example, Pacific/Auckland or Europe/London. A full list of timezone names can be found here:

List of tz database time zones

To check what your the JVM default is set to, use the following code.

dump(createObject("java", "java.util.TimeZone").getDefault());

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