• applicationPathCacheClear() flush the application.[cfc|cfm] path cache
  • ApplicationStartTime() Provides information about the time when the current application scope was created.
  • ApplicationStop() stops the current application context
  • GetApplicationMetadata() return all data from this scope, when using an application.cfc or all setting defined in tag cfapplication
  • GetApplicationSettings() return all data from this scope, when using an application.cfc or all setting defined in tag cfapplication
  • RestInitApplication() Registers the directory path with the service mapping provided. If no service mapping is provided, the application name is used. If the rest application is already registered, it is refreshed.


  • Adding Caches via Application.cfc # Adding Caches via Application.cfc It is possible to add cache connections in Lucee 5.1+ on a per-application basis by adding configuration to your `Application.cfc`. You can also select the default object cache, query cache, function cache, etc as well. Note if these caches use an extension that provides the cache driver, the extension must be installed already
  • Create an Application.cfc # Application.cfc # The Application.cfc is a component you put in your web application that then is picked up by Lucee as part of the request. The Application.cfc is used to define context specific configurations/settings and event driven functions. Your website can have multiple Application.cfc files, every single file then defines an independent application context
  • Define a mapping All about the different mappings in Lucee and how to use them
  • Update current Application Context ## Update Application Context ## Lucee allows you to update the existing application context defined for example in Create an Application.cfc. So for example add a per application mapping ```lucee ``` This example doesn't extend the existing application mappings with this new one, it replaces them. So when you plan to add a mapping it's best to first read the existing mappings with help of the function GetApplicationSettings() and update these mappings as follows: ```lucee ``` Of course it's not only mappings you can update, Application.cfc / <cfapplication> lets you update all the settings you can do in the Application