Components (CFCs)


  • CreateObject The CreateObject function takes different arguments depending on the value of the first argument:
  • GetMetadata Returns back meta information depending on the object passed in
  • IsInstanceOf Determines whether an object is an instance of a Lucee interface or component, or of a Java class.
  • IsValid Tests whether a value meets a validation or data type rule.


  • <cfargument> Allows subtag data to be saved with the base tag. Applies only to custom tags.
  • <cffunction> Defines a function that can accept arguments and return a value.
  • <cfinterface> Defines an interface that consists of a set of signatures for functions. The interface does not include the full function definitions; instead, you implement the functions in a Component. The interfaces that you define by using this tag can make up the structure of a reusable application framework.
  • <cfinvoke> Invokes component methods from within a page or component. You use this tag to reference a WSDL file and consume a web service from within a block of CFML code.
  • <cfinvokeargument> Argument for the Invoke Tag
  • <cfobject> Lets you call methods in COM, CORBA, and JAVA objects.
  • <cfreturn> Returns result values from a component method. Contains an expression returned as result of the function.