Event Gateways

See also the https://github.com/lucee/task-event-gateway extension



  • Custom Event Gateways Here you will find a short introduction into writing your own Event Gateway type.
  • Event Gateways ## How does an Event Gateway work? ## An event gateway is a background process which is continuously running. While running, it is doing the following: for a specific time (the "interval"), then doing what it is designed for (checking changes in a directory, polling a mailserver, etcetera). And after that, it goes to again
  • Event Gateways in Lucee EG's are another way how to communicate with your Lucee server are kind of a service running on Lucee, reacting on certain events
  • Websocket gateway ### WebSockets Gateway Extension ### This extension enables you to launch a server that is capable to manage messaging from HTML WebSockets. The server runs on a dedicated port. Lucee will receive notifications when a connection is opened, closed and any time a message is sent invoking a cfc listener class. The gateway can also being invoked via SendGatewayMessage so to allow your app to push message to all the connected clients