Internet Protocols


  • Canonicalize() Canonicalization is simply the operation of reducing a possibly encoded string down to its simplest form. This is important, because attackers frequently use encoding to change their input in a way that will bypass validation filters, but still be interpreted properly by the target of the attack. Note that data encoded more than once is not something that a normal user would generate and should be regarded as an attack


  • Websocket gateway ### WebSockets Gateway Extension ### This extension enables you to launch a server that is capable to manage messaging from HTML WebSockets. The server runs on a dedicated port. Lucee will receive notifications when a connection is opened, closed and any time a message is sent invoking a cfc listener class. The gateway can also being invoked via SendGatewayMessage so to allow your app to push message to all the connected clients


  • <cfftp> Lets users implement File Transfer Protocol (FTP) operations.
  • <cfhttp> Lets you execute HTTP POST and GET operations on files.
  • <cfimap> Retrieves and deletes messages from an IMAP email server.
  • <cfldap> Provides an interface to LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol directory servers like the Netscape Directory Server.
  • <cfmail> Sends e-mail messages by an SMTP server.
  • <cfpop> Retrieves and deletes e-mail messages from a POP mail server.