• Argon2CheckHash() Returns hash of input using Argon2.
  • CSRFGenerateToken() Provides a random token and stores it in the session.
  • CSRFVerifyToken() Validates the given token against the same stored in the session for a specific key.
  • Decrypt() Decrypts a string that is encrypted with the Encrypt function.
  • DecryptBinary() Decrypts the given binary with the optional parameters
  • Encrypt() Encrypts a string. Uses a symmetric key-based algorithm, in which the same key is used to encrypt and decrypt a string.
  • EncryptBinary() Encrypts binary data using a specific algorithm and encoding method.
  • Generate3DESKey() Generates a secure key value for use in the encrypt function with the 3DES algorithm.
  • GenerateArgon2Hash() Returns hash of input using Argon2.
  • GeneratePBKDFkey() Implementation of Password-Based Key-Derivation Function (PBKDF).
  • GenerateRSAkeys() Generates a secure keys (private and public) for use in the encrypt function with the RSA algorithm.
  • GenerateSecretKey() Gets a secure key value for use in the encrypt function.
  • Hash() Returns the one-way hash of a variable-length input string based on the algorithm, producing a fixed-length string.
  • Hash40() This function only exists for backward compatibility to Lucee 4.0
  • HMAC() Creates a hash-based message authentication code (HMAC)
  • Randomize() Seeds the pseudo-random number generator with an integer number, ensuring repeatable number patterns.
  • RandRange() Generates a random integer between two specified numbers.
  • SSLCertificateList() list all Certificates available on a specific host