Securing /WEB-INF/ by moving it outside of the web root

Securing /WEB-INF/ by moving it outside of the web root

By default, Lucee places its web-context configuration and data files in a folder named WEB-INF within the web root of each website. The WEB-INF folder structure gets created automatically when Lucee gets called to serve up a .cfm/.cfml file. If you wish to redirect the web-context data elsewhere, follow the instructions below.

If you followed the instructions on previous pages, you already have a folder called D:\Lucee.

Create a subfolder called "web-contexts" within D:\Lucee\

  • Launch your favorite text editor as a local Administrator and open D:\Tomcat\conf\web.xml
  • Locate the section near the end of the configuration which reads <servlet-name>CFMLServlet</servlet-name>
  • Locate the <init-param> section which contains <param-name>lucee-web-directory</param-name>
  • Replace the <param-value> with D:\Lucee\web-contexts\{web-context-label}
  • Restart the Tomcat service

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