Imports server configuration defineď based on the CFConfig schema.

This configuration can be provided as a path (String) to a JSON based file or as a Struct.

The values inside the provided configuration can use placeholders, following this pattern ${key:default}.

The function will check for the actual values for this placeholders in 3 places (in this order):

  • Function arguments "params" (if provided)
  • System properties
  • Environment variables

Directory Placeholders will be passed thru and dynamically evaluated when used.


ConfigImport( path=any, type=string, password=string, params=struct, flushExistingData=boolean, charset=string );

Returns: Struct

Argument Description Default
any, required

Path to the .CFConfig.json file or the data itself as a Struct.

Alias: path, data

string, optional

Config Context to manipulate, server or web context.


string, optional

Password to access the configuration, depending on the value set for the attribute type.

If not set Lucee will check in the following places for the password (replace {type} with the actual type chosen for the attribute type).

Environment variable "LUCEE_{type}_ADMIN_PASSWORD" or system property "lucee.{type}.admin.password".

struct, optional

placeholder parameters to use as actual data for the placeholders inside the configuration, see main description of this function for more details.

boolean, optional

if true that existing data get replaced with the given data, if set to false they get updated.

string, optional

charset to use to read the .CFConfig file, if not defined, Lucee will use the default resource charset.


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