Extension Consumer

The extension consumer is one of the two Lucee administrators. Extensions are available either for the Web Administrator, for local applications and extensions or for the Server Administrator, for global ones (like CFVIDEO). How the call of the extension provider inside the administrators is built internally is not relevant. In this section only it's functionality is described.

The Lucee Administrator contains in the left menu a section called "Extensions" which contains two links:

  • Applications
  • Providers

Under Applications you can install, uninstall or (under construction) buy several functionalities, applications or services. The Lucee Administrator queries all extension providers for all their extensions and lists them according to the filter criteria you enter.

By clicking on the detail link you can receive additional information about a certain extension that you find interesting. Click on the install (remove or update) button in order to install a specific extension. After the click just follow the information displayed in the Lucee Administrator.

"Providers" allows you to manually add the URL of other Extension Providers (next to Lucee Technologies) that provide extensions for applications. Just enter the URL provided by your chosen extension provider and update the list.