• IsPDFObject Determines whether a value is a PDF object.


  • <cfpdfform> The ` ` tag is not supported natively by Lucee.
  • <cfpdfformparam> The ` ` tag is not supported natively by Lucee. This functionality is available via 3rd party extensions: * [Ortus PDF Lucee Extension](https://www.ortussolutions.com/products/ortuspdf)
  • <cfpdfsubform> The ` ` tag is not supported by Lucee.
  • Flying Saucer PDF Engine This document provides information about the new PDF engine, [Flying Saucer](https://github.com/flyingsaucerproject/flyingsaucer) (FS) in Lucee 5.3 Flying saucer is a new PDF engine in Lucee. PDF engines are mainly used to convert HTML to PDF format. ### Benefits of moving to Flying Saucer from the old engine (PD4ML) ### * Full support for CSS 2


  • <cfdocument> Creates a PDF document from a text block containing CFML and HTML.
  • <cfdocumentitem> Specifies action items for a PDF document created by the cfdocument tag.
  • <cfdocumentsection> Divides a PDF document into sections. By using this tag in conjunction with a cfdocumentitem tag, each section can have unique headers, footers, and page numbers.
  • <cfpdf> Manipulates existing PDF documents.
  • <cfpdfparam> Provides additional information for the cfpdf tag. The cfpdfparam tag applies only to the merge action of the cfpdf tag and is always a child tag of the cfpdf tag.