Upgrading from Lucee 4.5

Upgrade from Lucee 4.5 (or Railo 4.2)

Before starting the upgrade, please check the bundled versions of Java and Tomcat you have installed. These older versions of Lucee/Railo were released several years ago (2014/2015) and the bundled versions of Java and Tomcat should be manually updated to the latest releases for both security and bug fixes. Please note, Lucee 5.2 requires Java 1.8, only Lucee 5.3 supports Java 9.

To upgrade your existing Lucee 4.5 (or Railo 4.2) install to Lucee 5 please follow the following instructions:

  1. Download the lucee-5.x.x.xxx.jar from https://lucee.org/downloads.html.
  2. Stop the servlet engine on your server, this is normally Apache Tomcat, however if you have a custom install it might differ. (Ubuntu: sudo service lucee_ctl stop. Windows: net stop Lucee.)
  3. Add the lucee-5.x.x.xxx.jar you downloaded to the "lib" directory in your existing Lucee install.
  4. Remove all other JARs in the same directory, however do not remove the directory "lucee-server" (or "railo-server") if that directory is present, this is the case with default installations. Please note you must remove the JARs, DO NOT simply rename them.
  5. Start the servlet engine. (Ubuntu: sudo service lucee_ctl start. Windows: net start Lucee.)

Important information

  1. With Lucee 5 the JARs used by Lucee, except lucee.jar are handled by Lucee and no longer by the servlet engine and these JARs are also bundled with the lucee.jar file.
  2. Loading the lucee-inst.jar javaagent is no longer necessary and should be removed from your JVM arguments if you have it in place. (This could be in your Lucee dir at tomcat/bin/setenv.sh on *nix or tomcat/bin/service.bat on Windows.)