• ACos Returns the angle whose cosine is the value passed as the argument.
  • ASin Determines the arcsine of a number. The arcsine is the angle whose sine is number.
  • Atn Arctangent function. The arctangent is the angle whose tangent is number.
  • BitAnd Performs a bitwise logical AND operation.
  • BitMaskClear Performs a bitwise mask clear operation.
  • BitMaskRead Performs a bitwise mask read operation.
  • BitMaskSet Performs a bitwise mask set operation.
  • BitNot Performs a bitwise logical NOT operation.
  • BitOr Performs a bitwise logical OR operation.
  • BitSHLN Performs a bitwise shift-left, no-rotation operation.
  • BitSHRN Performs a bitwise shift-right, no-rotation operation.
  • BitXor Performs a bitwise logical XOR operation.
  • Ceiling Determines the closest integer that is greater than a specified number.
  • Cos Calculates the cosine of an angle that is entered in radians. A number; the cosine of the angle.
  • Exp Calculates the exponent whose base is e that represents number.
  • Log Calculates the natural logarithm of a number. Natural logarithms are based on the constant e (2.71828182845904).
  • Log10 Calculates the logarithm of number, to base 10.
  • Pi Gets the mathematical constant p, accurate to 15 digits. The number 3.14159265358979.
  • PrecisionEvaluate Evaluates one or more string expressions.
  • Sgn Determines the sign of a number.
  • Sin Calculates the sine of an angle that is entered in radians.
  • Sqr Calculates the square root of a number.
  • Tan Calculates the tangent of an angle that is entered in radians.