Building Lucee 5 & 6 from source

Building Lucee 5 and 6 from source

The following text assumes that you have basic knowledge of how to use git and mvn, if not please first consult the documentation for this tools.

See Building and Testing Lucee Extensions for instructions regarding Extensions

1. Before you get started

Before you can start building Lucee from source, you will need a few things installed on your machine:

  1. Java JDK - since you're going to compile Java code you need the JDK and not just the JRE.
  • Lucee requires JDK 8 or later in order to compile. Oracle or AdoptOpenJDK
  • Java 11 is recommended, Java 15 is not yet supported due the removal of the Nashorn Javascript engine which is used in the build process
  • Java 17 isn't yet supported due to some Apache Felix issues
  1. Apache Maven - the source code contains several build scripts that will automate the build process for you. you will need Maven installed in order to run these build scripts.

  2. Apache Ant - the source code contains several build scripts that will automate the build process for you. you will need Maven installed in order to run these build scripts.

2. Get the source code

Lucee's source code is version-controlled with Git, Lucee GitHub repository.

The repository contains a few branches, with the most important ones being "Master" (current release) and "Develop" (alpha and beta releases), currently the main branch for development is the 6.0 branch, so best start there.

So simply clone the 6.0 branch (or fork your own copy) from the git repository to your local drive with the following command:

git clone -b 6.0

3. Build it

To run the test suite using Maven:

cd loader
mvn test

To build the server using Maven:

cd loader
mvn clean install

To build the server using Ant:

cd loader

To build the server using Ant but without running the test suite:

cd loader
ant fast

To build only the update .lco file:

cd loader
ant quick

4. Deploy

Deployment (and testing PRs) is automated via GitHub Actions for all push and pull requests

See deployLco below

5. Submitting Pull Requests (PRs)

  • Create an new issue/ticket
  • Create a Pull Request against the 6.0 Branch with the issue number in the title (i.e Fix error deserialising JSON LDEV-101) and include the issue URL in the description
  • Finally add the URL to the Pull Request to the issue
  • Please include tests!

Build Performance Tips

On Windows, excluding your Lucee working directory from both Windows Defender and Windows Search Indexer will speed up the build process a bit.

Lucee 6.0 adds some extra options to the build process (they can be combined)

testFilter allows you to pass in test filter(s) (filters on path), so you don't have to run the full test suite whilst hacking.

ant -DtestFilter="image"
ant -DtestFilter="mysql,oracle"

testLabels allows you to filter tests by their assigned labels (only supported per cfc/bundle, not for individual methods).

ant -DtestLabels="s3"
ant -DtestFilter="mysql,orm"

deployLco automates the deployment of a new .lco build to a local Lucee install's deploy directory

ant quick -DdeployLco="C:\lucee\tomcat\lucee-server\deploy"

testExtensions allows testing local extension build(s) *.lex from a local directory with the main test suite

ant -DtestLabels="zip" -DtestExtensions="C:\work\lucee-extensions\extension-compress\dist"

testAdditional allows running additional tests from a directory

ant -DtestFilter="zip" -DtestAdditional="C:\work\lucee-extensions\extension-compress\tests"

testDebug outputs debug information about tests which don't compile and why they are filtered out

ant -DtestDebug="true"

testSkip allows running tests which are flagged skip=true or prefixed with an _ (which also disables a test)

ant -DtestSkip="false" -DtestFilter="_" -DtestDebug="true"

testServices allows restricting which Test Services (db, mail, ftp, s3 etc) to enable, if configured, whilst disabling any other configured services

ant -DtestServices="s3,orm"