Lucee S3 Extension Source Code https://github.com/lucee/extension-s3

Open Issues: https://luceeserver.atlassian.net

Video: S3 for source code


  • File handling Provides access to File System Resources, this includes virtual file systems like ram, s3, git, ftp and ssh


  • GetVFSMetaData Returns metadata about the Virtual File system (VFS)
  • s3clearBucket Removes all objects from a bucket, unless maxage is set, in that case only objects that are older than maxage are removed.
  • s3listBucket List all objects in a bucket
  • s3read Reads an object from S3 as a string.
  • s3readBinary Reads an object from S3 as a binary.
  • s3write Writes a value to S3.
  • StoreAddACL Adds ACL to existing ACL for object or bucket.
  • StoreGetACL returns an array of struct where each struct represents an ACL grant
  • StoreGetMetadata Returns the metadata related to the object or bucket.
  • StoreSetMetadata Sets the metadata on bucket or object.


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