Lucee S3 Extension Source Code https://github.com/lucee/extension-s3

Open Issues: https://luceeserver.atlassian.net

Video: S3 for source code


  • File handling Provides access to File System Resources, this includes virtual file systems like ram, s3, git, ftp and ssh


  • GetVFSMetaData Returns metadata about the Virtual File system (VFS)
  • s3clearBucket Removes all objects from a s3 bucket, unless maxage is set, in that case only objects that are older than maxage are removed.
  • s3listBucket List all objects in a s3 bucket
  • s3read Reads an object from S3 as a string.
  • s3readBinary Reads an object from S3 as a binary.
  • s3write Writes a value to S3.
  • StoreAddACL Adds ACL to existing ACL for object or bucket.
  • StoreGetACL returns an array of struct where each struct represents an ACL grant
  • StoreGetMetadata Returns the metadata related to the object or bucket.
  • StoreSetMetadata Sets the metadata on bucket or object.


  • Using S3 directly for source code ## S3 for source code ## This document explains how to use S3 as for your source code and how to use S3 for your artifacts when we look at the source code itself. Example : ```luceescript // get an image directly from s3 content file = "s3:///cfml1/lucee.png" type = "image/png" "s3://##:#awsSecretKey#@/"; ``` //Application
  • Virtual File Systems ## Virtual File Systems ## Lucee supports the following virtual file systems: - ram - file - s3 - http / https - zip - tar ### Local File System ### You may already be familiar with local file systems, the local file system is the default file system in Lucee. That means if there is no other definition, Lucee will always use the local file system

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