Mailing List Rules

Mailing List Rules

If you've come to the mailing list seeking last minute commercial / professional support, you're at the wrong spot. You should be contacting the folks at If you're not seeking professional support and you understand that real people have real lives, we ask that you treat the community with the same kind of professionalism that you expect to be treated with.

There is now a three strike policy in place for people abusing the good will of the community. The warning will come in email form directly to your account, not on the mailing list. If you want to argue your stance, then it's between you and the member from Lucee issuing the warning. After a second warning, your future messages to the mailing list will be moderated by the Lucee Moderators. After third (and final) warning, you will be removed from the Lucee Community Mailing List.

The people that are allowed to issue warnings on the mailing list are listed: * Lucee Technologies Team * Lucee Volunteers Team

Question - What is the definition of "abusing the goodwill of the community"?

We're all here to help each other get through issues. The moment that conversation becomes personal, it's no longer about helping anymore. We also don't care if you ask a million questions, just know that the more code / issues you share with us, the more we, the community, can assist you.

We also ask that you try to be proactive and search for the issue first. While this is a mailing list, there is a front end for searching this mailing list here: