Installer Support

The Lucee Installer is made possible by a large number of people offering their time and support for the project.

The Installer project is currently hosted by GitHub, and as such, we can utilize the functionality that the site offers there. There is an issue tracker for the Lucee Installer for reporting issues, but please ask for help first on the mailing-list

The following is a list of people who have contributed their time and resources to making Open-Source CFML easy to get installed and running.

Jordan Michaels (Project Coordinator)

Jordan has been a CFML enthusiast and developer for just over 8 years and is now co-owner of Vivio Technologies where he operates as CEO. Jordan is an active participant in the CFML community providing evangelism, community support, and has printed various articles on CFML. Jordan is also an amateur musician and science buff. Jordan currently resides with his wife and two sons in WA state, USA.

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Bilal Soylu (Contributor - Mac Distro Coordinator)

Bilal Soylu is the CTO of Verian Technologies. He is a supply chain expert and enterprise software architect. Bilal has worked in a variety of technologies building enterprise applications before he discovered his love for the web and web based applications in the mid-90s. He has been developing web based applications using a variety of technologies ever since. His involvement with ColdFusion goes back to version 1.5 and the Allaire days. He has been an avid supporter of ColdFusion and has converted generations of Developers to the CF platform. Bilal is a Certified Advanced ColdFusion developer and a member of the Charlotte Adobe User Group. He recently contributed to the revised Brain Bench assessment for ColdFusion 8, JavaScript 1.8.

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Some other open source projects:

BonCode Connector
PGP for ColdFusion