Working with Spreadsheets

How to Work with Spreadsheets in Lucee

While Lucee does not include native support for spreadsheet manipulation, third-party tooling provides several ways to read, generate, and modify Excel files. In particular, there are two established Lucee spreadsheet projects:

<cfspreadsheet /> Extension for Lucee 5.x

You can install this extension either via the Lucee Admin GUI or programmatically. Once installed, spreadsheet tags and functions available in Adobe CFML, such as <cfspreadsheet> and spreadsheetnew() are available for use within your application.

Note that there is a version of this extension for Lucee 4.x

cfsimplicity/spreadsheet-cfml Standalone Library

A full featured library for working with spreadsheets in CFML which does not require installing an extension. However, if you are working with an existing Adobe ColdFusion codebase, it will need to be rewritten in order to invoke the library's spreadsheet functions since it doesn't replicate ColdFusion's spreadsheet function syntax exactly or support the <cfspreadsheet> tag. The benefits of this approach include cross-engine compatibility and a range of more powerful functions and options for working with spreadsheets.

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