Ajax features



  • AjaxLink Causes an HTML href attribute to display link results in the current Ajax container.
  • AjaxOnLoad Causes the specified JavaScript function to run when the page loads.
  • RestDeleteApplication Deletes a existing REST mapping.
  • RestInitApplication Registers the directory path with the service mapping provided. If no service mapping is provided, the application name is used. If the rest application is already registered, it is refreshed.
  • RestSetResponse Sets the custom responses.


  • Ajax: Bind syntax Most of the tags support a binding statement in the url or source attributes. The following syntax is supported.
  • Websocket gateway ### WebSockets Gateway Extension ### This extension enables you to launch a server that is capable to manage messaging from HTML WebSockets. The server runs on a dedicated port. Lucee will receive notifications when a connection is opened, closed and any time a message is sent invoking a cfc listener class. The gateway can also being invoked via SendGatewayMessage so to allow your app to push message to all the connected clients


  • <cfajaximport> Controls the JavaScript files that are imported for use on pages that use Luceex AJAX tags and features.
  • <cfajaxproxy> Creates a JavaScript proxy for a component, for use in an AJAX client. Alternatively, creates a proxy for a single CFC method, JavaScript function, or URL that is bound to one or more control attribute values.

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