The easiest way to get started with Lucee is by using Ortus Solutions' CommandBox. CommandBox comes with an embedded Lucee server so you can be up and running in just minutes.

1. Install CommandBox

You will need to install version 2.0.0 or later of CommandBox. Follow the instructions for your operating system here:

2. Start up a Lucee server through CommandBox

Open up a terminal (Mac/Linux) or command prompt (Windows) and cd to an empty directory (create one for testing if necessary).

Type the following command at the command prompt:

/my/test/dir> box server start

The Lucee server will then start on a random port and open in your default browser and show a directory listing for the directory in which you started it, which is currently empty.


You can find out more about CommandBox's embedded server, and the server start command, here:

3. "Hello world" index.cfm

Create an index.cfm file in the root of your directory with the following code:

<cfset testVar = "Hello World">

Refresh the browser window. Your browser should display the index page you just created and output "Hello World" in the browsers default H1 styling.

There you go, you just used the Lucee application server to run a CFML script that set a variable and then output that variable. Lucee is feature rich so you can do far more than this simple "hello world" script shows, so start having fun with Lucee today.