Ajax: Bind syntax

Binding Syntax

Most of the tags support a binding statement in the url or source attributes. The following syntax is supported.

Bind to a cfc


Url Binding


JavaScript Binding


The 3 bindings fashions are not supported by any tag. Check the single tag docs for specific support.

Parameters Syntax

The parameters passed to a binding statement can be declared following these rules:

On change of element with name myName the cfc is called passing myName=value as argument.


On change of elements with name 'myName' or element with name 'myAge' contained by an element with id 'myForm' cfc is called passing both fields as arguments.



Adding '@' after the element name allows to choose what event binding will listen to.

Possible events are :

* change ( default )
* mousedown
* keyup
* none

None will add the element to the querystring but will not trigger the binding if something happens to the element itself.


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