Start and Stopping Lucee

There are a couple different methods that allow you to start or stop the Lucee/Tomcat service on a Windows machine. We'll go over them below...

Using Windows Service Controls

The Lucee/Tomcat service can be located in your Windows Server Service List and be stopped, started, and otherwise controlled from there:

Using the Tomcat Service Control Applet

The Tomcat Service Control Applet can be found in the Windows Start Menu, and is labeled "Lucee-Tomcat Service Control":

Once launched the Tomcat Service Control Applet will give you the ability to Start and Stop the service, as well as customize the service settings (like JVM params).

Using the Tomcat Service Monitor

The Tomcat Service Monitor is an applet that runs in the Notification Are of your Windows Start Bar. You can turn it on clicking the "Lucee-Tomcat Service Monitor". Once started, you'll see the Tomcat Monitor in the Notification Area like so:

You can right-click the service monitor and control the Lucee/Tomcat service from There