Cached Within


The attribute cachedWithin has been added to the tags cffile and cfhttp and it has also been added as an interface to Lucee so you can make your own cachedwithin implementation.

Supported with cffile and cfhttp

The possibility to cache the result of the tags cffile and cfhttp has been added in Lucee 5 using the attribute cachedWithin for these tags.

<cffile action="read" file="test.txt" variable="content" cachedWithin="request"/>
<cfhttp url="" name="http" cachedWithin="#createTimespan(0,0,0,10)#"/>

Interface for cachedWithin

Lucee 5 extends with an interface making it possible to make an extension for the cachedWithin attribute in Java.

Lucee's built-in cachedWithin attributes supports two types, request and timespan.

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