Evaluates one or more string expressions using an increased memory size for arithmetic operations. This improves the accuracy of floating point calculations. For more details, see this video explanation:

The expression(s) must be passed as strings, to avoid large numbers being converted to normal cfml numbers (which have limits on there precision) before they are evaluated.

PrecisionEvaluate( );

Returns: any

This function takes zero or more dynamic arguments. See examples for details.

Usage Notes

You can see in the examples that use of PrecisionEvaluate() uses a 'string'. Despite using the PrecisionEvaluate function, if you omit the quotes, Lucee will perform "normal" math on the arguments, supplied.


dump( ( 59+10.99 ) * 100 );                        // 6998.999999999999
dump( PrecisionEvaluate( "( 59+10.99 ) * 100" ) ); // 6999

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