Writes the given string to the main response buffer regardless of conditions established by the <cfsetting> tag.

WriteOutput( string=string, encodeFor=string );

Returns: Boolean

Argument Description
string, required

A string to write to the buffer.

string, optional

encode for what, valid values are:

  • css: for output inside Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • dn: for output in LDAP Distinguished Names
  • html: for output inside HTML
  • html_attr: for output inside HTML Attributes
  • javascript: for output inside JavaScript
  • ldap: for output in LDAP queries
  • url: for output in URL
  • vbscript: for output inside vbscript
  • xml: for output inside XML
  • xml_attr: for output inside XML Attributes
  • xpath: for output in XPath


html_paragraph = "<p>The Lucee project is led by the Lucee Association&nbsp;Switzerland a non-profit&nbsp;<a href=""https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_Verein"">swiss association</a>. A growing project which is committed to the success of its community by delivering quality software and a nurturing&nbsp;and supportive environment for developers to get involved.</p>";

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