struct.append() Appends all the data from struct2 into struct2, replacing duplicate keys unless specified by the overwrite flag
struct.clear() Removes all data from a structure.
struct.copy() Copies a structure. Copies top-level keys, values, and arrays in the structure by value; copies nested structures by reference.
struct.delete() Removes an element from a structure.
struct.duplicate() Returns a new duplicated version of the given object, removing all references to the old one
struct.each() call the given UDF/Closure with every entry (key/value) in the struct.
struct.every() This function calls a given closure/function with every element in a given struct and returns true, if all of the closure calls returns true.
struct.filter() This function creates a new Struct that returns all entries from an struct that match the given filter.
struct.find() Determines the value associated with a key in a structure.
struct.findKey() Searches recursively through a substructure of nested arrays, structures, and other elements, for structures whose values match the search key in the value parameter.
struct.findValue() Searches recursively through a substructure of nested arrays, structures, and other elements for structures with values that match the search key in the value parameter.
struct.insert() Inserts a key-value pair into a structure.
struct.isEmpty() Determines whether a structure contains data.
struct.keyArray() Returns an array of the keys from a structure
struct.keyExists() Determines whether a specific key is present in a structure.
struct.keyList() Extracts keys from a struct.
struct.len() Counts the keys in a structure. Calls the given closure with every element in the given struct. the function returns a struct that contains all values returned by the closure.
struct.reduce() Iterates over every entry of the given struct and calls the closure with every key/value. This function will reduce the struct to a single value and will return this value.
struct.some() This function calls a closure/function on every element in a struct until one returns true.
struct.sort() Returns a sorted array of the top level keys in a structure. Sorts using alphabetic or numeric sorting, and can sort based on the values of any structure element.
struct.update() Updates a key with a value.
struct.valueArray() Returns an Array with the values of the Struct

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