Lets you call methods in COM, CORBA, and JAVA objects.

This tag cannot have a body.

This tag is also supported within <cfscript>

<cfobject name=string component=string type=string action=create|connect class=string context=string delimiters=string server=string locale=string webservice=string username=string password=string proxyserver=string proxyport=number proxyuser=string proxypassword=string >
Attribute Description
string, required

name for the instantiated component.

string, optional

Name of component to instantiate.

string, optional

The object type. You can omit this attribute or specify component. Lucee automatically sets the type to component.

string, optional
  • create: instantiates a COM object (typically, a DLL) before invoking methods or properties.
  • connect: connects to a COM object (typically, an EXE) running on server.
string, optional

Component ProgID for the object to invoke. When using Java stubs to connect to the COM object, the class must be the ProgID of the COM object.

string, optional
  • inproc
    • local
    • remote

In Windows, if not specified, uses Registry setting.

string, optional

if specified a classpath, use as delimiter for the entries, default is comma.

string, optional

Server name, using Universal Naming Convention (UNC) or Domain Name Serve (DNS) convention, in one of these forms:

string, optional

Sets arguments for a call to init_orb. Use this attribute only for VisiBroker ORBs. It is available on C++, Version 3.2. The value must be in the form: locale = " -ORBagentAddr -ORBagentPort 19000"

Each type-value pair must start with a hyphen.

string, optional

The absolute URL of the web service.

string, optional

The user name to use to access the web service. If the webservice attribute specifies a web service configured name in the Lucee Administrator, overrides any user name specified in the Administrator entry.

string, optional

The password to use to access the web service. If the webservice attribute specifies a web service name configured in the Lucee Administrator, overrides any password specified in the Administrator entry.

string, optional

The proxy server required to access the web service URL.

number, optional

The port to use on the proxy server.

string, optional

The user ID to send to the proxy server.

string, optional

The user's password on the proxy server.


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