Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

This document explains how to declare a variables, function call with dot and bracket notation, Passing arguments via URL/form scopes as array. Explain this three with simple example below:

Example 1 : Declare variables

// test.cfc

component {
	function getName() {
		return "Susi";

// example1.cfm

function test() {
	var qry;
	query name="qry" datasource="test" {
		echo("select 1 as one");
  • In cfm page have test() function with local variable scope, it normally assigned in empty string var qry. Then execute this cfm, the qry is returns "1".
  • Then dump the qry below of the var declaration. It returns empty string.

Example 2 : Dot and bracket notation for function calls

Lucee allow you to use bracket notations to call a component function.


// UDF call via dot notation
	test=new Test();
	dump( test.getName() );
// Dynamic function name
// UDF call via bracket notation
	dump( test[funcName]() );

Here this three different types of function call. There are,

  • Calling the user defined function getname() from component.
  • Second type of function call is dynamic function name with evaluate function.
  • Third type of function call is user defined function via bracket notation.

These all three different function call returns as same content susi what you defined in CFC page.

Example 3 : Passing arguments via URL/form scopes as Array

Lucee allow to pass URL and Form scope data as an Array instead of a string list.


	// current name
	<form method="post" action="#curr#?country[]=USA&country[]=UAE">
			Countries Europe:	<input type="text" name="country[]" value="Switzerland,France,Germany" size="30">
			Countries America:	<input type="text" name="country[]" value="Canada,USA,Mexico" size="30">
			<input type="submit" name="send" value="send">

// index.cfm

directory sort="name" action="list" directory=getDirectoryFromPath(getCurrentTemplatePath()) filter="example*.cfm" name="dir";
loop query=dir {
	echo('<a href="#dir.name#">#dir.name#</a><br>');
  • In this cfm page have available in URL and form scopes. Here names are used as same as two times.
  • Query string on URL scope have same name country as two times. Similarly form also have two same name country.
  • Execute this cfm page in browser & submit the form. It will showing a single URL string list in merged format instead of two fields & Form fields also merged as single country field.
  • If we add square bracket behind the name country[] means, it returns as two separated strings in array format. We will see the difference on browser while dumping that name with square bracket.

These simple ways are helpful for defining a variable as different methods.


Here you can see above details in video

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