Update current Application Context

Update Application Context

Lucee allows you to update the existing application context defined for example in Create an Application.cfc.

So for example add a per application mapping

<!--- creates a mapping with name "/test" that is pointing to the current directory --->
<cfapplication action="update" mappings="#{'/test':getDirectoryFromPath(getCurrentTemplatePath())}#">

This example doesn't extend the existing application mappings with this new one, it replaces them. So when you plan to add a mapping it's best to first read the existing mappings with help of the function GetApplicationSettings() and update these mappings as follows:

<!--- read the existing per application mappings --->
<cfset mappings=getApplicationSettings().mappings>
<!--- add a mapping with name "/test" to the mappings struct --->
<cfset mappings['/test']=getDirectoryFromPath(getCurrentTemplatePath())>
<!--- add all mappings --->
<cfapplication action="update" mappings="#mappings#">

Of course it's not only mappings you can update, Application.cfc / <cfapplication> lets you update all the settings you can do in the Application.cfc!

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