Creating and deploying Lucee Archives (.lar files)

Deploy Archive

This document explains how to deploy an Application on a live server without using single CFML file.

Simple example:

Using CFC file

//placed under outside root/component/org/lucee/examples/deploy/Test.cfc
component test {
	function salve() {
		return "Hi There"

You will need to add a mapping for the above cfc, because it's not inside the Root folder

Create component mapping in Archives & Resources -> Component

create a mapping test.cfc as like below

name: mycfc
resource: **Full folder path**/component/

After creating the mapping, you need to create an archive file for the cfc.

  • Go to the detail view of mycfc mapping page,
  • Click the button assign archive to mapping.

Archive(lar file) created automatically and saved in WEB-INF\lucee\context\archives

Now you can see the archive path on mycfc mapping

Using CFM file

Create a mapping for below CFM file,

//placed under /ROOT/test/deploy/index.cfm
test = new org.lucee.examples.deploy.Test();
name: /deploy
resource: ROOT/test/deploy/index.cfm

After creating mapping in the Administrator, you can create an Archive file by clicking assign archive to mapping

Now you can see the both lar files were in WEB-INF\lucee\context\archives folder.

  • One is lucee\context\archives\xxx-deploy.lar file,
  • another one is lucee\context\archives\xxx-mycfc.lar

Now you can place the archive files in your target server.

Copy the archive files (deploy.lar, mycfc.lar) and placed in target server /WEB-INF/lucee/deploy folder wait for a minute. It successfully deploy your archives into the server.

You can now view mappings in admin.


Here you can see above details in video

Lucee Deploy Archive file