Directory Placeholders

In order to make configuring Lucee a little easier, there are several constants (we call them "directory placeholders") that contain a certain value which might change depending on the system, the environment or the context.

Available Directory Placeholders

Here are the available placeholders in Lucee:

Directory Placeholder | Description | ------------------------ | ------------------------- {lucee-web} | Path to the Lucee web directory, usually {web-root}/WEB-INF/lucee.| {lucee-server} | Path to the Lucee server directory, usually where the lucee.jar is located.| {lucee-config} | This is the same as {lucee-server} in server context and the same as {lucee-web} in web context.| {temp-directory} | Path to the temp directory of the current user of the system.| {home-directory} | Path to the home directory of the current user of the system.| {web-root-directory} | Path to the web root. | {system-directory} | Path to the system directory. | {web-context-hash} | Hash of the web context | {web-context-label} | A label for the web context. See A note on {web-context-label} below.|

Directory Placeholders in CFML

You can reference the directory placeholders in your CFML code like this:

<cfdump var="#expandPath('{lucee-web-root}')#">

A note on {web-context-label}

If you have configured Lucee to generate the configuration directories using the {web-context-hash}, you may have wished that the resulting hashed directories were a little more readable. You'll end up with a list of directories named with a hash value that is 32 bytes long. This is far from readable.

Therefore, in Lucee 3.3, we introduced a new directory placeholder: {web-context-label}. Now you have the opportunity to use a label as a path to the configuration files for each web context. In order to use this label, you need to define it in every lucee-web.xml.cfm in every configuration directory.

As of Lucee final, you can update the {web-context-label} through the Server Administrator. After you've logged in to [domain]/lucee/admin/server.cfm, you will see a section marked "Web Contexts" at the bottom of the page. Here you can modify your labels and click the update button to save the changes.