Technical FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical FAQs

How do I report a bug?

Lucee Support - How to report bugs/problems and get help

How do I compile my CFM/CFCs?

How to compile CFM/CFCs

How to I create a Lucee Archive File?

Lucee Archive Files

How do I make my custom tag built-in (e.g.: cfwave instead of cf_wave)?

Custom Built in Tags

Q: How do I make my own built-in-function?

Custom Built In Functions (BIFs)

Q: Where do I put my custom jar files so that Lucee can see them?

Custom JARs

Q: How can I change the default template of CFDump?

Custom CFDUMP Templates

Q: What engine does CFSEARCH use?

Lucee uses Apache Lucene for full text indexing

Q: Why isn't the template cache being cleared like it should?

Template Cache

Using database for session storage

Using database for session data storage

How to use cfmail with SSL authentication

Use cfmail with SSL authentication