How to report bugs and get help with Lucee

How to report a bug in Lucee

First, thank you for evaluating Lucee and taking the time to report issues. The Lucee Team cannot stress how important it is to have an active open source community and reporting issues is one of the many ways in which you can participate and be involved.

Before reporting a bug, please search for existing bug reports in the Lucee issue tracker and in the Lucee mailing list archives.

Please always try and include enough detailed information that people can understand your problem, most importantly, and please always state which version of Lucee you are using, it really helps.

Ask yourself, how would I respond to this bug report?

Give tickets a self-explanatory title and context

A detailed ticket is really helpful when a long list of tickets is analyzed. If the title is phrased properly it is easier for the developer to understand what the issue is about, and probably link it to some changes that is in progress or that has been done recently.

Try to give a context to the ticket. A ticket title like createTimeSpan fails doesn't give us much context to work with, but createTimeSpan fails when invoked into a script based cfc does.

Provide environment information

When a bug is posted the first thing we do is to try to reproduce it. It is very important to have information about the environment where the issue was detected.

  • OS
  • Lucee Version and deployment ( Ex: Lucee 5.2.60 / Tomcat 8.5 )
  • Java Version (i.e. 1.8.0_162)
  • Browser or other details (if relevant)
  • Webserver configuration (if relevant)

Providing this information really speeds up the ticket solving process.

Provide information on how the issue can be reproduced

Try to provide steps or sample code that can reproduce the error. If necessary upload the files to the ticket. Please try to abstract out unnecessary code, or create sample code that can be used to help reproduce the issue.

Sample code provided should run out of the box with no need of any setup. If there's a Lucee setting involved or database tables necessary to create it, please attach a create table script or inform us what additional setting needs to be turned on / off.

Provide workaround information ( if any )

If you found a temporary workaround please provide the information. This can really help any other user that may have a similar issue. A workaround can also be analyzed as starting point for a possible solution.

How to submit a patch

You can supply a patch to be analyzed to the Lucee development team. How can you do that?

  • First, start a discussion on the mailing list
  • Fork Lucee on GitHub
  • Create an issue in JIRA
  • Commit your patch and send a pull request. (ask on the mailing list first if you are unsure which branch to use)
  • Post the link to your pull request in JIRA with as much details as possible so we can understand the issue.

Lucee Website(s) Issues

If an error or issue pertains to the websites, please use the contact form