Decrypts the given binary with the optional parameters

DecryptBinary( binaryData=any, key=string, algorithm=string, IVorSalt=any, iterations=number, precise=boolean );

Returns: any

Argument Description Default
any, required

Binary data to decrypt.

Alias: input

string, required

Key or seed used to encrypt the string.

  • For the CFMX_COMPAT algorithm, any combination of any number of characters; used as a seed used to generate a 32-bit encryption key.
  • For all other algorithms, a key in the format used by the algorithm. For these algorithms, use the GenerateSecretKey function to generate the key.
string, optional

The algorithm to use to decrypt the string. Must be the same as the algorithm used to encrypt the string.

  • CFMX_COMPAT(default): the CFML specific algorithm. This algorithm is the least secure option
  • AES: the Advanced Encryption Standard specified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) FIPS-197
  • BLOWFISH: the Blowfish algorithm defined by Bruce Schneier
  • DES: the Data Encryption Standard algorithm defined by NIST FIPS-46-3
  • DESEDE: the "Triple DES" algorithm defined by NIST FIPS-46-3


any, optional

Initialization Vector for algorithms with Feedback Mode that is not ECB, or Salt for Password Based Encryption algorithms

Alias: IV, Salt, prefix

number, optional

number of Iterations for Password Based Encryption algorithms (ignored for all other algorithms). NIST recommends a minimum value of 1000.

boolean, optional

if set to true the input must follow the rule for that encoding a 100%, the decryptor will not try to interpret inputs that are not a 100% correct. This should be used to avoid false positives.



// binary data
	data = toBinary("abcd");
	// generate the key
	key = generateSecretKey("AES");
	// encrypt string
	encryptValue = encryptBinary(data, key);
	// decrypt string
	decryptValue = decryptBinary(encryptValue, key);

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