Specifies one part of a multipart e-mail message.

Can only be used in the <cfmail> tag.

You can use more than one cfmailpart tag within a cfmail tag

This tag must have a body.

This tag is also supported within <cfscript>

<cfmailpart type=string wraptext=number charset=string ><!--- body ---></cfmailpart>
Attribute Description
string, required

The MIME media type of the part

number, optional

Specifies the maximum line length, in characters of the mail text

string, optional

The character encoding in which the part text is encoded


Example for Mailpart

<cfmail from="test@gmail.com" to="chk@gmail.com" subject="Testing emailpart" server="localhost">
  <cfmailpart type="text/plain"/>
    <cfoutput>This is test of cfmailpart</cfoutput>

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