Can either attach a file or add a header to a message.

It is nested within a [tag-mail] tag.

You can use more than one cfmailparam tag within a cfmail tag.

This tag cannot have a body.

This tag is also supported within <cfscript>

<cfmailparam file=string filename=string name=string value=string type=string disposition=string contentid=string remove=boolean content=any >
Attribute Description
string, optional

Attaches the specified file to the message. This attribute is mutually exclusive with the name attribute.

string, optional

file name used for the file attached with the attribute "file", if not set the name of the file itself is used.

string, optional

Specifies the name of the header. Header names are case insensitive. This attribute is mutually exclusive with the file attribute.

string, optional

Indicates the value of the header.

string, optional

The MIME media type of the part.

string, optional

How the attached file is to be handled. Can be one of the following:

  • attachment: presents the file as an attachment.
  • inline: displays the file contents in the message.
string, optional

The Identifier for the attached file. This ID should be globally unique and is used to identify the file in an IMG or other tag in the mail body that references the file content.

boolean, optional

remove attachment from filesystem after the mail is successfully sent

any, optional

send given value as attachment


Simple example for cfmailparam

	<cfmail from="sender@example.com" to="receiver@example.com" subject="mailparam example" server="smtp.gmail.com">
		<cfmailparam name="header" value="Mail header">
		Mailparam header example
		<cfdump var="#cfcatch.message#" />

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