Iterates over every entry of the given struct and calls the closure with every key/value.

This function will reduce the struct to a single value and will return this value.

struct.reduce( closure=function, initialValue=object )

Returns: any

Argument Description
function, required

function/closure that implements the following constructor

function(result, key, value, st) { return result; }

Alias: function, callback, udf

object, optional

initial value passed as part of the first closure call

Alias: initial, initalValue


Member Function

animals = {
	cow: {noise: "moo",  size: "large"},
	pig: {noise: "oink", size: "medium"},
	cat: { noise: "meow", size: "small"}
dump(label: "All animals", var: animals);
animalInfo = animals.reduce(function(result, key, value) {
	return arguments.result & "<li>" & arguments.key & "<ul><li>Noise: " & arguments.value.noise & "</li><li>Size: " & arguments.value.size & "</li></ul></li>";
}, "<ul>") & "</ul>";
// Show result

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