Converts CFML data into a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) representation of the data.

any.toJson( queryFormat=any, useSecureJSONPrefixOrCharset=any, compact=boolean )

Returns: String

Argument Description
any, optional

Either a Boolean value that specifies whether to serialize CFML queries by Column, or a string with the value "struct".

Alias: serializeQueryByColumns

any, optional

string characters that cannot be encoded by this charset get escaped, if not set the web charset is used.

Alias: charset, charsetName, useSecureJSONPrefix

boolean, optional

If true, it does not use end-of-lines and indentation. Defaults to true.


st = structNew(); = 1;
	st.Name = "Water";
	st.DESIGNATION = "Important source for all"; = [1,2,3,4,5];
	writeDump( st );
	jsonFormat = st.toJson();
	writeDump( jsonFormat );

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