Non Technical FAQs

Non-Technical FAQs

How is Lucee Server licensed?

Please see the section on LuceeLicense for all licensing information.

Why are there 2 domains for Lucee ( & )? What purpose does it serve other than to confuse us?

We're certainly not trying to confuse anyone, but there is an important distinction between the two domains. Lucee Technologies follows the same model that JBoss offers. is the commercial side of JBoss; it offers products and support. is the community side of JBoss, and is where the open source lives.

  • (purple site) is where Lucee Technologies offers: Paid Extensions (cluster scope, cfvideo and more!), Professional services, Support contracts with full SLA Training.
  • (orange site) is YOUR community where you can be involved and contribute to the open source Lucee project! More information is being slowly released to the community including the location of SVN repositories and build scripts. All this information will come to fruition when Lucee 3.1 reaches final non-beta build.

How do I sponsor an extension?

Sponsoring an extension is sort of like a loan. Sponsoring means that you pay the development and then you get paid back in full with each purchase of the paid extension. After the full amount has been reached, the money is considered paid in full. You will always remain the sponsor of this extension.

How do I sponsor an extension to be freely given to the community?

By sponsoring an extension and not expecting a return of the investment.

Lucee Technologies GmbH will give you a quote before any work is done.

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