Lucee License

What licence does Lucee use?

Lucee uses the GNU Lesser General Public licence version 2.1 or as it is more commonly known, LGPL v2.1.

I'm not a lawyer, please explain LGPL

There is a pretty good explanation here and even why you shouldn't use the LGPL. The also has an excellent PDF explaining licensing in general.

Can I host a non-commercial or a commercial website using Lucee?


Can I provide non-commercial or commercial hosting using Lucee?


Can I create my own Lucee installer for non-commercial or commercial purposes?


Can I include Lucee on a CD / DVD / BluRay Media?


Can I embed Lucee in my non-commercial or commercial application?

Yes, provided that you've left the licence and source intact.

Can I modify the source of Lucee?

If you modified the source, you must provide us a patch of what was modified.

How does Lucee make money or stay in business?

Lucee is run by a Swiss association called the Lucee Association Switzerland, which is financially supported by it's members. The members of the association pay a monthly fee to be a member and in return get to help shape the future of the Lucee Project. The association also has corporate and individual supporters who also contribute financially towards supporting the Lucee project.