Manipulates existing PDF documents.

The following list describes some of the tasks you can perform with the cfpdf tag:

  • Merge several PDF documents into one PDF document.
  • Delete pages from a PDF document.
  • Merge pages from one or more PDF documents and generate a new PDF document.
  • Linearize PDF documents for faster web display.
  • Remove interactivity from forms created in Acrobat(c) to generate flat PDF documents.
  • Encrypt and add password protection to PDF documents.
  • Generate thumbnail images from PDF documents or pages. (**not implemented yet**)
  • Add or remove watermarks from PDF documents or pages.
  • Retrieve information associated with a PDF document, such as the software used to generate the file or the author, and set information for a PDF document, such as the title, author and keywords.
  • Create PDF portfolios
  • Add and remove header/footer from PDF documents
  • Optimize PDF documents
  • Extract all the words from the pdf

This tag may have a body.

This tag is also supported within <cfscript>

Requires Extension: PDF Extension

<cfpdf action=addHeader|addFooter|addWatermark|deletePages|extractText|getInfo|merge|open|removePassword|protect|read|removeWatermark|setInfo|thumbnail|write ascending=boolean type=string copyfrom=any ddxfile=string destination=string directory=string encrypt=string flatten=boolean foreground=boolean format=string image=any imageprefix=string filter=string info=struct inputfiles=struct isbase64=boolean keepbookmark=boolean name=string newownerpassword=string newuserpassword=string opacity=number order=string outputfiles=struct overwrite=boolean pages=string password=string permissions=string position=string resolution=string rotation=number saveoption=string scale=number showonprint=boolean source=any stoponerror=boolean transparent=boolean version=number text=string numberformat=NUMERIC|LOWERCASEROMAN|UPPERCASEROMAN align=left|right|center leftmargin=numeric rightmargin=numeric topmargin=numeric bottommargin=numeric ><!--- body --->[</cfpdf>]
Attribute Description
string, optional
  • addHeader
  • addFooter
  • addWatermark
  • deletePages
  • extractText
  • getInfo
  • merge
  • open
  • removePassword
  • protect
  • read
  • removeWatermark
  • setInfo
  • thumbnail
  • write

Note: action "thumbnail" was implemented from PDF Extension version -

boolean, optional

Order in which the PDF files are sorted

string, optional

used for action "extractText", defines the format type of the extraction, valid values are: string,xml

any, optional

Pathname of the PDF document from which to use the first page as a watermark

string, optional

Pathname of the modified PDF document. If the destination file exists, you must set the overwrite attribute to yes. If the destination file does not exist, CFML creates the file, if the parent directory exists.

string, optional

Directory of the PDF documents to merge. You must specify either the directory attribute or the source attribute. If you specify the directory attribute, CFML orders the documents by filename in descending order, by default. To change the order of the files, use the order attribute.

string, optional

Encryption type for the PDF output file

boolean, optional

Placement of the watermark on the page

string, optional

File type of thumbnail image output

any, optional

Image used as a watermark. You can specify a pathname, a variable that contains an image file, or an image variable

string, optional

prefix used for each image thumbnail file generated. The image filenames use the format: imagePrefix_page_n.format.

string, optional

file filter, used with attribute directory

struct, optional

Structure variable for relevant information

boolean, optional

Specifies whether bookmarks from the source PDF documents are retained in the merged document

string, optional

PDF document variable name

Alias: variable

string, optional

Password used to set permissions on a PDF document

string, optional

Password used to open PDF document

number, optional

Opacity of the watermark. Valid values are integers in the range 0 (transparent) through 10 (opaque).

boolean, optional

Specifies whether PDF output overwrites the destination file

string, optional

Page or pages in the source PDF document on which to perform the action. You can specify multiple pages and page ranges as follows: "1,6-9,56-89,100, 110-120".

string, optional

Owner or user password of the source PDF document, if the document is password-protected.

string, optional

type of permissions on the PDF document

string, optional

Position on the page where the watermark is placed. The position represents the top-left corner of the watermark. Specify the x and y coordinates; for example "50,30".

string, optional

Image quality used to generate thumbnail images

number, optional

Degree of rotation of the watermark image on the page.

number, optional

Size of the thumbnail relative to the source page. The value represents a percentage from 1 through 100.

any, optional

PDF document used as the source.

boolean, optional

Valid only if the directory attribute is specified. If the specified directory contains files other then readable PDF files, Lucee either stops merge process or continues.

boolean, optional

(format="png" only) Specifies whether the image background is transparent or opaque

number, optional

Version of the PDF used to write the document

string, optional

text for header or footer, you can add the following place holders within the text:

  • _PAGELABEL: add current page label
  • _LASTPAGELABEL: add last page label
  • _PAGENUMBER: add current page number
  • _LASTPAGENUMBER: add last page number
string, optional

Specify the numbering format for PDF pages in the header/footer. possible values are:

string, optional

Aligns the header and footer in PDF:

  • left
  • right
  • center
numeric, optional

left margin of the text in header/footer

numeric, optional

right margin of the text in header/footer

numeric, optional

top margin of the text in header

numeric, optional

bottom margin of the text in footer

Unimplemented Attribute(s)

Attribute Description
string, optional

Pathname of the DDX file, or a string with DDX instructions

* unimplemented *
boolean, optional

Applies to forms created in Acrobat only (not forms created in LiveCycle); specifies whether interactivity is turned off

* unimplemented *
struct, optional

Structure that maps the PDF source files to the input variables in the DDX file, or a string of elements and their pathname.

* unimplemented *
boolean, optional

Valid only when the image attribute is specified. Specifies whether the image used as a watermark is in Base64 format

* unimplemented *
string, optional

Order in which the PDF documents in the directory are merged

* unimplemented *
struct, optional

Structure that contains the output files in the DDX file or string as keys and the pathname to the result file as the value.

* unimplemented *
string, optional

Save options for the PDF output

* unimplemented *
boolean, optional

Specify whether to print the watermark with the PDF document

* unimplemented *


There are currently no examples for this tag.

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