Outputs the elements, variables and values of most kinds of CFML objects.

Very useful for debugging.

You can display the contents of simple and complex variables, objects, components, user-defined functions, and other elements.

This tag may have a body.

This tag has no <cfscript> support or it uses a different syntax.

<cfdump show=string enabled=boolean hide=string output=string var=any async=boolean abort=boolean metainfo=boolean eval=string top=number showudfs=boolean label=string expand=boolean keys=number format=string ><!--- body --->[</cfdump>]
Attribute Description
string, optional

show column or keys.

boolean, optional

dumps are enabled by default, pass false to short circuit a dump execution and effectively disable it

string, optional

hide column or keys.

string, optional

Where to send the results:

  • browser: the result is written to the browser response stream (default).
  • console: the result is written to the console (System.out).
  • false: output will not be written, effectively disabling the dump.
any, optional

Variable to display. Enclose a variable name in pound signs.

boolean, optional

if true and output is not to browser, Lucee builds the output in a new thread that runs in parallel to the thread that called the dump. please note that if the calling thread modifies the data before the dump takes place, it is possible that the dump will show the modified data.

boolean, optional

stops further processing of request.

boolean, optional

Includes information about the query in the cfdump results.

string, optional

name of the variable to display, also used as label, when no label defined.

number, optional

The number of rows to display.

boolean, optional

show UDFs in cfdump output.

string, optional

header for the dump output.

boolean, optional

expands views

number, optional

For a structure, number of keys to display.

string, optional

specify the output format of the dump, the following formats are available by default:

  • html: the default browser output
  • text: this is the default when outputting to console and plain text in the browser
  • classic: classic view with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • simple: no formatting in the output

You can use your custom style by creating a corresponding file in the lucee/dump/skins folder. Check the folder for examples.


Simple example with cfdump

<!--- You can dump any thing here. Easy to see the content of complex data type--->
<cfdump var="#getTimeZoneInfo()#" label="Tag label"/>

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