Creates an HTML div tag or other HTML container tag and lets you use asynchronous form submission or a bind expression to dynamically control the tag contents.

This tag may have a body.

This tag has no <cfscript> support or it uses a different syntax.

Requires Extension: Ajax Extension

<cfdiv id=string bindOnLoad=boolean bind=string onBindError=string tagName=string ><!--- body --->[</cfdiv>]
Attribute Description
string, optional

The HTML ID attribute value to assign to the generated container tag.

boolean, optional
  • true (executes the bind attribute expression when first loading the tag.
  • false (does not execute the bind attribute expression until the first bound event)

To use this attribute, you must also specify a bind attribute

string, optional

(not supported) A bind expression that returns the container contents. Note: If a CFML page specified in this attribute contains tags that use AJAX features, such as cfform, cfgrid, and cfwindow, you must use a tag on the page with the tag. For more information, see cfajaximport.

string, optional

The name of a JavaScript function to execute if evaluating a bind expression results in an error. The function must take two attributes: an HTTP status code and a message.

string, optional

The HTML container tag to create.


There are currently no examples for this tag.

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