Create and populate a query object.

You can set the column name as the argument name you pass in and pass in the data as an array.

Each item in the array represents a different row in that column.

For example: query(columnName1:[1,2,3],columnName2:[4,5,6])

Query( );

Returns: Query

This function takes zero or more dynamic arguments. See examples for details.


myquery = query(
  columnName1: [1,2,3],
  columnName2: [4,5,6]
column = "size";
values = ["small","medium","large"];
myquery = query(
  "#column#": values,
  column: values
myquery = query(
  columnName: []
dump(var=myquery, label="empty query");
myquery = query();
dump(var=myquery, label="no-argument query");

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