invokes a function/operation of the given object and if given object is a string, Lucee tries to load as component.

Invoke( object=any, name=string, arguments=any );

Returns: object

Argument Description
any, required

a component, struct or scope that holds a function,

can also be the name of a component, in this case the component get loaded.

Alias: cfcinstance, obj, value, variable

string, required

name of the function/operation

Alias: methodname, method, functionname, function

any, optional

arguments to pass to the function/operation

Alias: params, args, argumentcollection


    writeDump(label:"structure with invoke()", var:invoke(variables,'myStruct',{a:'First'}));
    private function myStruct(){
    	return "myStruct:"&serializeJson(arguments);
    writeDump(label:"Adding numbers with invoke()", var:invoke(variables,'calc',{a:3,b:2}));
    private function calc(a numeric,b numeric){
    	return a+b;

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