Return a struct with information about the Application, as defined in Application.cfc / <cfapplication> for the current running Application.

Calling this function is equivalent to calling getApplicationSettings(false)

The returned struct contains the following data:

Key Type Default Description
applicationTimeout TimeSpan Application Scope timeout
clientCluster Boolean false
clientManagement Boolean
clientStorage String Cookie Type of storage for the Client Scope
clientTimeout TimeSpan Client Scope timeout
component String Path to Application.cfc
customTagPaths Array Paths in which custom tags are searched
datasource String Name of the default datasource
datasources Struct Datasources that are defined in the Application
defaultDatasource String Alias for datasource
disablePlugins Boolean false
invokeImplicitAccessor Boolean false
javaSettings Struct Settings that are used when creating a Java object
locale String Name of the default Locale
localMode Boolean false When true, functions use local mode and unscoped variables default to the Local Scope
loginStorage String Cookie
mappings Struct Application Mappings that map virtual directories to physical paths
name String The Application's name
sameFormFieldAsArray Boolean false If true, when a Form field is passed more than once then it is returned as an array
sameUrlFieldsAsArray Boolean false If true, when an URL field is passed more than once then it is returned as an array
scriptProtect String "none"
secureJson Boolean false
secureJsonPrefix String "//" Prefix to be used with secureJson
serverSideFormValidation Boolean false
sessionCluster Boolean false
sessionManagement Boolean true
sessionStorage String "memory"
sessionTimeout TimeSpan Session Scope timeout
sessionType Boolean "cfml" Either "cfml" or "jee"
setClientCookies Boolean true
setDomainCookies Boolean false
source String Alias for component
timezone String Time Zone name, e.g. America/Los_Angeles
triggerDataMember Boolean false
GetApplicationMetadata( );

Returns: Struct

This function does not take any arguments.


meta = getApplicationMetaData();

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