Lists the directory and returns the list of files under it as array or query

DirectoryList( path=string, recurse=boolean, listInfo=string, filter=any, sort=string, type=string );

Returns: any

Argument Description
string, required

The absolute path of the directory to list the content from.

Alternatively, you can specify IP address as in the following example: DirectoryList("//");.

Alias: absolute_path, absolutePath

boolean, optional

Whether Lucee performs the action on sub-directories:

If true, the contents of all sub-directories are also included.

string, optional
  • name: returns an array of names of files and directories.
  • path: returns an array of paths of files and directories. This is the default.
  • query: returns a query.
any, optional

Filter to be used to filter the results:

  • A string that uses "*" as a wildcard, for example, "*.cfm"
  • a UDF (User defined Function) with signature Boolean function(String path). The function is run for each file in turn; if the function returns true, then the file is will be added to the result; otherwise it will be omitted.
string, optional

Query columns by which to sort a directory listing. To use sort, "listInfo" must be set to "query"!

Delimited list of columns from query output.

Sorting is case sensitive.

To qualify a column, use one of the following values:

  • asc: ascending (a to z) sort order.
  • desc: descending (z to a) sort order.
string, optional

type of the result returned:

  • file: includes only filenames
  • dir: includes only directory names
  • all: includes both filenames and directory names

Usage Notes

For ACF compatibility, on Unix systems, the mode column is currently not populated


To return an array of file paths that end with the substring .log from a the directory /var/data:

directoryList("/var/data", false, "path", function(path){ return arguments.path.hasSuffix(".log"); })

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