Copies the contents of a directory to a destination directory.

DirectoryCopy( source, destination [, recurse [, filter [, createPath ] ] ] )

Returns: void

Argument Description Default
string, required

Pathname of directory from which you copy content.

Alias: directory

string, required

Path of the destination directory. If not an absolute path, it is relative to the source directory.

Alias: newDirectory

boolean, optional

If true, copies the subdirectories, otherwise only the files in the source directory.

Alias: recursive


any, optional

Filter to be used to filter the data copied:

  • A string that uses "*" as a wildcard, for example, "*.cfm"
  • An UDF (User defined Function) using the following pattern "functioname(String path):boolean", the function is run for every single file, if the function returns true, then the file is will be added to the list otherwise it will be omitted
boolean, optional

if set to false, expects all parent directories to exist, true (default) will generate necessary directories


There are currently no examples for this function.

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